Terms & Conditions

The below text contains our Terms and Conditions of sale.  Any sale made through this portal is subject to these terms and conditions.

1) PRICE VARIATION: estimates are based on Fusion Design & Create Ltd (“Fusion Signage”) current costs of production and unless otherwise agreed are subject to variation to reflect and respond to said rises in production costs.

2) TAX: Fusion Signage reserves the right to charge the amount of any taxes, value added tax, duties or royalties etc which are payable whether or not included on the estimate.

3) PRELIMINARY WORK: all work carried out at the customer’s request, whether experimentally or otherwise, is chargeable.

4) COPY: a charge may be made to cover any additional work required/arising as a result of unclear, illegible, incomplete or incomprehensible copy [content supplied to be used to create artwork for manufactured goods]  that is supplied by the customer.

5) PROOFS: proof copies of all work including photographs will normally be submitted where required for customer approval and not corrected by the customer in proofs [digital and physical copies/interpretations of final manufactured goods). Customer alterations and additions (to proof copies) proposed by the customer will incur further charges.

6) COPYRIGHT: The customer shall be solely responsible for obtaining all necessary authority to reproduce pictures, artwork, photographs, literatures, maps etc. The customer will indemnify the printer and his agents from any claim arising thereof.

7) DELIVERY AND PAYMENT: (a) delivery of work/goods (??) shall be accepted by the customer when delivered but ownership of the work/goods shall pass only once full, clear payment been received by Fusion Signage. (b) No work will commence until (i) Fusion Signage receive a purchase order and (ii) Fusion Signage has received full and clear payment. (c) The responsibility for collection lies with the customer. (d) Fusion Signage may arrange carriage for the customer at the customer’s cost but Fusion Signage will not be responsible for any delay in carriage. (e) The customer will be liable for the full cost of expedited carriage including Fusion Signage additional costs including, but not limited to, overtime. (f) Should work be suspended or delayed for more than 14 days at the request of or as a result of inaction of the customer then Fusion Signage will be entitled to payment for work already carried out, special material and other costs including storage. (g) Payment should be made electronically.

8) CLAIMS: any complaint regarding the condition of  supplied goods must be made by email to Fusion Signage as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than 48 hours after collection/receipt of these goods. Any claim regarding non delivery must be made in writing (if possible via email format) within 7 days of the agreed dispatch date. No claims will be entertained that fall outwith that 7 day period.

9) LIABILITY: Fusion Signage shall not be liable for any loss to the customer arising from delays in transit that are not caused by Fusion Signage.

10) STANDING MATERIAL: All artwork that has not been collected or similar files and associated products used by Fusion Signage shall remain Fusion Signages exclusive property. Items supplied by the customer shall remain the customer’s property, such items being supplied by the customer entirely at their own risk. Fusion Signage reserve the right to destroy or dispose of any and all such products immediately after manufacturing/production has completed with the exception of products supplied by the customer which will be retained by Fusion Signage at the customers own risk for a period of up to 1 month, such clause also applies to uncollected goods or those goods stored without storage payment being agreed or received.

11) CUSTOMERS PROPERTY: all property provided to Fusion Signage by or on behalf of the customer shall while (i) in transit to and from the customer or their agents or (ii) in the possession of Fusion Signage remains the customer’s own risk unless otherwise agreed by Fusion Signage in writing. Such property should therefore be appropriately insured by the customer. While every care is taken of customer property Fusion Signage cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to customer’s  artwork, photographs, media storage, disk, literature or liability for any OTHER property provided by the customer or their agents but where Fusion Signage is responsible Fusion Signage will pay the customer the replacement cost of the basic materials (e.g. a blank USB drive) albeit only up to a maximum value of £50 (fifty pounds sterling).

12) MATERIALS SUPPLIED BY THE CUSTOMER: (a) Fusion Signage may reject any materials such as paper, textiles or other materials supplied or specified by the customer that appear to Fusion Signage to be unsuitable.(b) Furthermore additional costs will be charged to the customer if said (rejected) materials cause the printer any delay.(c) Fusion Signage will not use ink or other consumable products proposed to be provided by the customer. (d) Where the customer supplies material(s) Fusion Signage will take care to secure the best results. (e)However, Fusion Signage take no responsibility for imperfect work caused by defects in or unsuitability of materials supplied (or specified). (f) It shall be the customer’s role to satisfy themselves of the suitability of ANY materials or media proposed to be used such as food cartons or suitability of paper for laser printers. (g) Fusion Signage does not accept responsibility for claims arising due to the purported unsuitability of printed products.

13) DAMAGE: (a) Fusion Signage is not responsible for the damage caused to items where the customer has requested Fusion Signage to affix an Fusion product to non-Fusion Signage goods, material or media. The customer is wholly responsible for checking the suitability of material or media to which the Fusion Signage product is to be fixed, for example: vehicle panels or windscreens, fences, walls, windows, glazed door or painted items.

14) INSTALLATION: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that structures upon which Fusion Signage’s product is to be affixed are sound, in good condition and comply with relative planning permission and other relative laws and rules.

15) INSOLVENCY / ACCOUNTS: Should a customer cease to pay debts in the ordinary cause of business or cannot pay their debts as they become due or proceedings for bankruptcy or winding up are commenced against the customer then (and without prejudice to other remedies) Fusion Signage may (i) not proceed with the contract or any other work for the customer (ii) immediately charge for work already undertaken; such charge will constitute an immediate debt due. (iii) in respect of debts due prior to or at the point of the customer’s insolvency Fusion Signage has a right of retention over Fusion Signage’s own goods and other property provided by the customer (whether or not worked on) and (iv) shall be entitled to dispose of same in such a manner and at such a price as Fusion Signage deems fit and hence (v) to apply the sale proceeds against the said debts.

(16) ACCOUNTS: Fusion Signage will at their discretion decide whether to give credit and/or a trade account to a customer and, in any event, a trade account will only be opened after the customer has furnished Fusion Signage with (i) satisfactory credit references and (ii) trade references. Invoices are issued on a net monthly account. Fusion Signage reserve the right to (a) charge interest on overdue accounts and/or (b) close accounts at any time. Upon account closure all outstanding sums become immediately payable.

17) ILLEGAL OR OFFENSIVE MATTER: (a) Fusion Signage will seek not required to print any matter that,  in its sole and final opinion is or may be (i) of an illegal, offensive, defamatory, unlawful, extreme or inappropriate nature or is or may be (ii) an infringement of the proprietary or other rights of third parties. (b) Fusion Signage are not required to print any matter that, in its sole and final opinion, may be prejudicial or detrimental/damaging to Fusion Signage or its agents  (c) Fusion Signage shall be indemnified by the customer in respect of claims, costs and expenses arising out of any defamatory matter or infringement of intellectual property or other proprietary or personal rights contained in any material that has been printed for or on behalf of the customer such indemnity extends to all legal costs.

18) SUITABILITY OF PRODUCTS: Fusion Signage accepts no responsibility as to the suitability of any printed product including but not limited to any printing on clothing labels, food packaging, walls, windows or vehicles etc. It is the customers sole responsibility to ensure suitability prior to printing, no claim will be entertained

19) FULL COLOUR PRINTING:  Fusion Signage will seek to obtain high quality colour reproduction on customers work but, due to the nature of the process involved, Fusion Signage do not guarantee an exact match in colour or texture between the printed results and any proof or existing copy supplied by the customer. Pantone ink matches cannot be produced using the full colour process. Any proof copies issued are NOT colour accurate and are issued for content checking only.

20) RIGHT TO CANCEL: Fusion Signage reserve the right to cancel ANY order at ANY time without reason. Where such orders are cancelled any monies, paid in advance, will be refunded but Fusion Signage will not be responsible for any consequential loss.

21) INTERNET AND EMAIL: where orders are placed via electronic means, including but not restricted to: web, internet, email no order will be deemed as accepted by Fusion Signage until such orders are committed to an official Fusion Signage order form, Fusion Signage reserve the right to alter prices on such order forms should the specification of the order differ from the customers original brief/order.

22) PRINTED RESULTS: Fusion Signage do not control  the production of artwork supplied by customer and or their agents. The printing guide produced by Fusion Signage is a basic guide only and in no way provides an exhaustive or guaranteed result. Where customers or their agents supply artwork for print by any other means this is done entirely at the customers own risk Fusion Signage can accept no responsibility for the quality of the printed product in those circumstances.

23) FORCE MAJEURE: Fusion Signage accept no liability for delay or failure to carry out parts/all of a contract due to reasons or events to carry out any or all parts of the contract, for any reason beyond Fusion Signage’s control, including but not limited to: stall illness, act of god, legislation, war, terrorism, fire, flood, drought, power failure, lock out or strike or employee action taken in contemplation or furtherance of a dispute, nor will Fusion Signage be liable for consequential loss or delay caused by said matters beyond Fusion Signage’s control. During the continuance of matters beyond Fusion Signage’s control the customer, may by written notice to Fusion Signage, elect to terminate the contract but the customer shall pay for Fusion Signage invoices issued to it for work done and material used prior to said termination.   

24) RETURN AND REFUND POLICY: Our 14-day returns guarantee means that if goods are damaged, defective, materially disconfirm a customer can return same to Fusion Signage but (a) such goods must be returned within 14 days of delivery to you (b) unopened and (c) in their original condition with any seals, shrink wrap or similar intact and (d) unused and (e) subject to those conditions we will make a full refund.

25) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This Agreement and these terms and conditions are governed and construed by the laws of UK and all disputes shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the HM Courts & Tribunals Service

26) WHOLE AGREEMENT: (a) these terms and conditions are those that any order or contract is founded upon. (b) Terms and conditions proposed by the customer to be incorporated into an agreement will not be included or incorporated into such agreement and will be of no effect in the parties’ relationship.

27)Warranty terms & Installation Conditions Any warranty offered is based directly on the materials that are being used and the manufacturer’s stated life span, uses and limitations of the material itself.